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Halfway to Halloween

Quick Details

Woods of Darkness General Admission
The Darkness General Admission
All Attractions Event Package Admission to both the Woods of Darkness & The Darkness
All Attractions SpeedPass Gets you through the line faster
All Attractions VIP Skips straight to the front of each line!
Young Child Ages 5 and under

Our Friday the 13th Haunt! Get Ready to be Spooked!

“Friday The 13th Blackout” is a annual event held every year at Hollerin Haunts Hayride. Date and/or dates will vary each year. 2023 date is scheduled for June 2nd and 3rd Hours will be 7 PM to 11 PM. This will be a pitch black walk in the woods. Each group will get one glow stick to make it through. Date will vary each year.

Please Note

You must make a booking for any of the options included in order to select children to book.