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Discounted Package Deal on All 3 Attractions

An All-Access Experience to Horror!

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Get the best Horror Package Pass in Clinton, North Carolina!

Includes admission to the Haunted Hayride, NC Zombie Hunt, and The Darkness. 

The Haunted Hayride typically lasts 30 minutes. Ride the tractor across buildings filled with unimaginable horrors!

The NC Zombie Hunt will last around 15 minutes or until you run out of paintballs. The NC Zombie Hunt will consist of several people at a time riding on the two story ZRT equipped with 36 paintball guns. There will be Zombies coming out of houses and lots of targets along the way.

The Darkness is a blackout walk-through attraction where you have to feel your way through the darkness. 


HHHR is conveniently located four miles from Spivey’s Corner. We provide a wide selection of entertainment at our park including a Haunted Hayride, the NC Zombie Hunt, and The Darkness. Along with these exciting attractions, HHHR will also host our “My Bloody Valentine” event every February along with our annual “Friday The 13th Blackout” event held on a select date and/or dates.