Hollerin Haunts Hayride Terrifying Attractions

Haunted Hayride - The Haunted Hayride will last around 30 minutes with the tractor going through and passing several buildings along the way.

Haunted Corn Maze - The Haunted Corn Maze will last around 30 to 45 minutes depending on which path you take.

NC Zombie Hunt - The NC Zombie Hunt will consist of several people at a time riding on the two story ZRT equipped with 36 paint ball guns. There will be Zombies coming out of houses and lots of targets along the way. Length will last around 15 minutes or to you run out of paint balls.

My Bloody Valentine - Started in February of 2018 "My Bloody Valentine" is a annual event held every February. Dates will vary each year. For further information on this annual event please visit our "My Bloody Valentine" Page .